Summer Update

Hi friends! Dropping in real quick to give a quick summer update…

Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, I am holding my sweet baby boy in my arms! (Due date was yesterday, but given that I’m writing this post 4 weeks ago…who knows?!)

Basically I’m time traveling here. Writing to you from the past! (I guess it would be more impressive if I was writing to you from the future, huh?) Anyway, due to me wanting to spend some time with my new baby, I’ve scheduled out LOTS of blog posts ahead of time so that they are consistently posting. However, given that that was a lot of work for me to get done in just one month, I reached out for some help. I want to give you a quick overview of how July and August are going to look on the blog.

Summer Guest Posts

You’ve already seen one guest post from last Thursday! Each month through August I will have two guest posters from other blogs, sharing about various topics. Please read what they have to say and check out their blogs! They are some amazing teachers and I love getting to introduce them to you – my readers! You will see another guest post this Thursday, and then two in July and two in August.


Normally I post here every Tuesday and Thursday, but I’m taking a little time off in July. Blog posts will only be published on Thursdays in July, with the exception of July 4th due to the holiday. Two of these posts will be my amazing guest bloggers for the month, and the rest will be from me!


We’re back to regular programming in August! New blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday. On August 6th, I will be starting a blog series on organization to help you get organized for the new school year. August 6th – 29th will solely be focused on all things related to getting organized! I’m super excited for this series and have two fabulous guest bloggers lined up who will be sharing their organization tips as well.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! I promise to come back soon and share a baby update, but for now, I am busy snuggling and getting to know him!

Well, at least I hope I am!!

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