9 Classroom Organization Hacks for the Summer

Classroom Organization Hacks

Summer break is just around the corner (or already here, for some of you!), and that means it’s time to pack up and organize your classroom for the summer. It can be a pain to have to move things around, only to move them back when the new school year starts. However, there are ways you can organize your classroom right now as you pack up to make it much easier on you in the fall! Here are some summer classroom organization hacks to help you out.

Classroom Storage Hacks

Classroom organization hacks for storage

First, let’s talk about storage. Having great storage options is key for keeping things organized! If you are able, invest in some great classroom storage now so that it will be easier to put your room back in order when you return in the fall.

You will have less to put away when you return if you already have the storage! This will save you precious time at the beginning of the year when there is so much to do. Bonus points if the storage has wheels so it is easy to move around. Here are some of the classroom storage options I can’t live without*:

Summer organization ideas for your classroom

All of these options roll, so if your district requires you to move everything into one corner of your room, you can easily move them there and back. Taking the time now to organize your materials into these storage units will eliminate time spent getting organized at the beginning of the year.

Classroom Organization Tips

Once you have your storage squared away, here are some more classroom organization hacks and tips to consider.

  • Purge as you organize. As you find items that didn’t get much use this year, ask yourself if you really need it? If not, donate or toss it. This will minimize the amount of things you have to go through at the beginning of the year.
  • Assess your school supplies. Do you typically receive a ton of brand new school supplies at the beginning of the school year? If so, consider donating any leftover supplies from the year to make room for the new supplies you will receive. Regardless, go through your supplies and throw away anything that isn’t useful anymore, like dried up glue sticks or faded markers.
  • Recruit your students. If you are able, spend some time during the last days of school getting help from your students. Students love color coding paper, testing out markers, and wiping down desks. Assigning students easy, menial tasks can free up your time to focus on some of the larger end of the year tasks.
  • Keep things in organized, easy-to-move boxes. Will you be moving classrooms next year? Or will you not even find out until later in the summer? If there’s any chance you may find yourself moving to a new room when you return, organize things into containers and boxes that are easy to move if at all possible. Doing so will save you tons of time and headache when it’s time to move.
Classroom organization hacks for moving classrooms
  • Have a teacher “garage sale.” As you are organizing things, lay out items on tables that you no longer need. Invite your coworkers to stop by your classroom and take a look at what you are getting rid of. This is a quick and easy way to get rid of items without having to pack them up and drive to a donation center. Plus, you know that the items are being put to good use!

Get Organized for the Summer

I hope these classroom organization hacks have been helpful to you as you prepare to pack your room up for the summer. Taking the time now to get organized will save you so many precious minutes at the beginning of the school year. You can rest easy this summer knowing that your classroom is ready to go, and you can focus on more important things!

What does your district require you to do in your classroom before the summer? Let us know in the comments!

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Classroom Organization Hacks for Summer


  • Melissa A Krieg

    What 10 drawer cart do you use in your classroom? I love the look of yours, but the link takes me to one that looks a bit different. Thank you! Your stuff is so cute!

    • The Average Teacher

      Hi Melissa! The cart linked is one of the ones I use in my classroom – I actually have two and spray painted the drawers black! The one pictured was actually given to me by a teacher who was retiring, so unfortunately I don’t have the exact link for it. However, here is a link to a similar one (black drawers and metal frame): https://amzn.to/2FnqJFa.


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