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Fall Preschool Activity Bundle – Printable Activities for Prekindergarten


Are your preschoolers ready for some fun fall-themed, play-based learning? This fall preschool printable activity pack includes 20 printable, hands-on activities perfect for kids ages 3-5. The activities cover a variety of concepts, including number sense, literacy, phonics, writing, language development, problem solving, and more. All activities are fall-themed, easy to prep, and include thorough instructions with 2-3 different ideas for how to use each activity.

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Get ready for fall with the Fall Preschool Activity Bundle! This 134 page resource includes 20 fall pre-k activities covering a variety of prekindergarten concepts, such as:

  • Math: number recognition, number sense, counting, one-to-one correspondence, subitizing
  • Reading: letter recognition, sight words, uppercase & lowercase letters
  • Writing: tracing, prewriting, fine motor skills
  • Visual discrimination: matching, sorting, colors and patterns, size and shape
  • Language development: vocabulary
  • And more!


Each fall pre-k activity covers a variety of skills developmentally appropriate for 3-5 year olds. Click on the product preview to see every single fall activity that is included in this bundle.

These printable preschool activities are fairly low-prep, but there is quite a bit of cutting involved. Most activities can be cut fairly quickly with a paper cutter, but some will require a bit more time. However, these activities can be used over and over, even with different ages, so it is well worth the time spent! Blackline versions are included when possible – with nearly half of the activities – if using color ink is an issue.

Each activity includes detailed instructions and recommendations for set up, as well as 2-3 ideas for how to use each one.

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