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A Fun Easter STEM Activity That Will Challenge Your Students

Easter STEM Activity

Easter is just around the corner! Are you looking for some fun Easter activities to do with your students in the classroom? If so, this easy Easter STEM activity perfect for you. It’s low-prep and inexpensive – all you need is some plastic Easter eggs and about 15 minutes. The best part? It’s challenging! Not only does this activity get students thinking creatively, it also teaches teamwork and patience. Keep reading for more details on how to implement this Easter STEM activity!


Easy Easter STEM Challenge

The goal of this Easter STEM challenge is simple: build the tallest Easter egg tower. Students will carefully stack Easter egg halves on top of one another to create a tower. I recommend setting a timer (I use these Easter themed classroom timers) for 10-15 minutes and projecting it so students can see how much time they have for the challenge.


The task seems simple, but is actually quite challenging given the round nature of the Easter eggs. If you decide to use this Easter STEM activity in your classroom, here are my best tips for success.

Tips for Success

First, I recommend that students use the same size Easter egg half for their tower (either exclusively the top half or exclusively the bottom half). This will help in balancing their tower. Students may find success using different sizes, but it will be easier to use the same size.

The biggest factor in successfully completing this challenge is patience. Students must be careful to stack each Easter egg half perfectly straight and balanced. If one egg gets slightly off, it can mess up the entire tower. This challenge is a great real life example of “slow and steady wins the race!”

Students working on the Easter stem activity

I did this Easter STEM activity last year and it was a huge hit. My students had a lot of fun – but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t any frustration throughout the process! Students were definitely flustered as their towers came crashing down over and over. In the end, the teams that kept their cool and took it nice and slow prevailed. The tallest tower was 25 inches tall!

More Easter Activities for the Classroom

This STEM challenge is a great Easter activity for your classroom, but it doesn’t take very long to do. If you’d like to do more Easter themed activities, check out more spring and Easter STEM challenges here.

Alternatively, you can repurpose all those plastic eggs and put on a math Easter egg hunt! Read my blog post on how to do a math Easter egg hunt here, and then check out my egg hunts on TpT.

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