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3 Festive Easter Activities For Kids That Your Students Will Love

Easter Activities for Kids

Easter is one of my favorite times in the classroom! I am 100% here for all the Easter eggs and candy and Peeps. I know Peeps are controversial, but I LOVE them. Speaking of Peeps…did you know you can use them in several Easter activities for kids? Yep! So if you’re gifted a bunch in the next couples weeks but don’t want to eat them, you can turn them into a fun activity instead!

If you do like Peeps, don’t worry – there are activities you can do that don’t involve Peeps, as well! So you can have your Peeps and eat them, too. 🙂

Anyway, I’ll stop peeping about peeps now! (Couldn’t resist…) Here are a few of my favorite Easter activities!

1. Math Easter Egg Hunt

One of my all time favorite Easter activities for kids is a math Easter egg hunt. This activity has always been a huge hit with my students, and it’s fairly easy to set up and implement! All you need are some Easter eggs, a question set, and a paper for students to write their answers on.

In brief, you will put a math problem or question inside each Easter egg. Make sure you number each question! Then, hide the Easter eggs around the room. You can make them hard to find, or hide them in plain sight which is what I do. Your choice!

easter egg hunt activity

Students will then go around the room hunting for Easter eggs. When they find one, they will head back to their desk, open the egg, and write down the question number and their answer. Then, they will replace the question inside the egg, put the egg back where they found it, and repeat until they’ve answered all the questions!

It’s really super simple! If you need more detail though, check out this blog post! I even go over how to do a digital version of these, too, if you are teaching virtually this spring!

math easter egg hunt

2. Egg Tower STEM Challenge

This Easter STEM challenge is super easy to set up, but challenging and fun for students! All you need are a bunch of Easter eggs, split in half. Students will try to use the egg halves to make the tallest tower they possibly can.

easter activities for kids

This challenge is harder than it looks! It will definitely challenge your students, and get them really thinking about how to make it work. It’s a great activity, that’s simple to set up!

3. Peep Barn

This one’s for all you Peep-haters who need to get rid of the marshmallow goodness you were so kindly gifted! Another one of my favorite Easter activities for kids is this Peep Barn! It’s another STEM challenge, and all students need are some Peeps and straws!

Students will use the materials to fashion a “barn”. If you want to add a competition aspect, challenge students to make it as tall as possible! Or, just leave it as a design challenge.

easter activities

Fair warning: this challenge is messy! The Peeps will make little hands VERY sticky, so make sure to provide students paper towels and have them wash their hands afterward.

If you’re interested in seeing more spring STEM challenges like the ones I’ve mentioned here, check out my April STEM challenge resource!

I hope these ideas have been helpful to you as you get ready for the upcoming holiday! If you have more ideas for Easter activities, I’d love to hear from you!

What are your favorite Easter activities for kids? Share in the comments!

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